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TheGreenTech Innovation Forum 2024 – Precycling as part of the Cutting-Edge Sustainability Projects

On May 21-22, Brussels hosted the GreenTech Innovation Forum 2024, an event that promotes collaboration and the adoption of innovative solutions at the European level, with the overarching goal to provide industries with proven solutions across various sectors, including plastic recycling, and to become the main reference point for industry leaders, the research community, end-users, and policymakers.



On the first day of the Innovation Forum, the spotlight was on the session dedicated to plastic recycling, where the PRecycling project was presented among others. This session marked a significant moment in the Forum's agenda, showcasing innovative progress in tackling the global challenge of plastic waste with different applications.


Dr. Tanja Kosanovic, a member of the NTUA coordination team, presented the PRecycling project, explaining its main activities and objectives, highlighting the focus on producing high-quality recyclates through a methodology for selecting, sampling, tracking, and recycling plastic waste, while also assessing its environmental and financial sustainability.


During the presentation, the project's active commitment to creating clusters and twin partnerships to foster synergies on sustainability and the circular economy was emphasised. PRIMUS, ABSolEU, and INCREACE, PRecycling sisters' projects were introduced by their coordination teams, demonstrating a commitment to collaborating with other initiatives to tackle the challenges of plastic recycling, harmonise methods, and promote the use of recycled plastic in high-value-added products.






The session also addressed the challenges faced by operators along the entire plastic supply chain and how the projects are working together to overcome barriers posed by the lack of common alignment on key issues. Particularly, the need to harmonise sampling and characterisation methodologies, define waste models, and establish best practices for calculating, verifying, and reporting recycled plastic content in products at the European level was discussed.


PRecycling continues to collaborate to create new pathways towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future, addressing urgent issues, and promoting positive changes and best practices in Europe.


Stay tuned to keep updated on the project's future activities.

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