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Goals... ​

PRecycling aims at achieving specific technological/strategic goals:



Development of methodologies to determine the degree of degradation of recycled materials and to foresee their end-of-life.


Development of methods for traceability of recyclates to allow the identification of the origin of recycled materials via digital information management, throughout marking technologies and blockchain approaches.


Development of methods for detection and separation of legacy additives in the plastics waste streams to ensure safe recycling of plastics containing such additives.


Development and demonstration of standard, robust and easy-to-use sampling and analysis procedures to ensure consistent recyclate quality and safe products.

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Outcome#1. Diffusion of innovation and development and demonstration of overarching best practices for safe plastics recycling and use of recyclates.

Outcome#2. Active involvement to support the development of established, EU broadly accepted definition of recyclate.

Outcome#3. Relevant verification methods for recycled content in products.

... and Outcomes

The PRecycling ambition is to develop new technologies and methods to promote the circularity of plastics, aiming to overcome obstacles from current technologies by designing materials and formulations from recyclable plastic resources, ensuring their quality and safe use, verifying the recyclate content, and at the same time producing new added-value products, both in the closed and open loop. 

Outcome#4. Procedures to control the consistent quality of recyclates; their selection for specific applications and tracing methodology to track the recyclates back to their origin.

Outcome#5. A clear approach to prevent some potentially hazardous substances to enter the recycled plastics system.

Outcome#6. Enhancement of the ownership and engagement of the society through active collaboration and empowering people and communities as actors in the circular plastic transition. 

Outcome#7. To pave the way toward recyclable-by-design plastics at a longer term.

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