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PRecycling’s participation during the JEC World 2023​

The PRecycling project took part in the JEC World 2023, the global trade show for composite materials and their related applications, which took place in Paris on 25-27 April. This globally renowned event offered visitors the possibility to partake in a very diverse range of activities and events, including product launches, conferences, live demonstrations, and networking opportunities. Participants with very diverse backgrounds attended the event, including exhibitors from large plastics and chemical companies as well as leading research institutes, showcasing the latest developments of their innovative technologies in the field of composite materials.

The event provided a valuable opportunity for the PRecycling consortium to promote the project by providing the audience with practical evidence of its latest developments and long-term ambitions. NTUA and NTNU proudly represented PRecycling by showcasing the project’s communication material and engaging in intensive discussions with the numerous attendees who showed great interest in the project’s achievements and drives. Interacting with numerous participants with very diverse backgrounds allowed the PRecycling consortium’s representatives to gather valuable insights on the most recent advancement in the field of plastics recycling, simultaneously proving PRecycling’s added value in this context. The feedback gathered from industry leaders helped the consortium’s representatives identify key areas for the further improvement of PRecycling’s recycling practices, in view of the ultimate objective of increasingly fostering sustainable practices.

The wide array of attendees interested in the PRecycling’s ambitions also included representatives of the EU-level authorities, such as Dr. George Kotsikos, Policy Officer of the European Commission Research and Innovation Directorate General (DG RTD). This interaction offered the consortium’s representatives the opportunity to discuss the added value of improved plastics recycling technologies towards the achievement of progressively higher levels of circularity and contribute to the EU ambitions for a greener future in the plastics sector, also in the context of the EU Green Deal’s long terms targets. The lively discussion with the European Commission representative particularly focused on the potential added value that could arise from strengthened cooperation with other EU-funded projects and how those synergies could positively impact the industry.

The interactions with the very diverse range of actors during the JEC World 2023 undeniably provided the PRecycling consortium’s representatives with valuable lessons on the potential further progress of the project. The partners will now build on the feedback, opinions, views, and suggestions to further develop the project, with an even stronger understanding of the industry’s needs and the policymakers’ “circular expectations” in the plastics sector.


PRecycling will continue its dissemination activities during many global and EU-level events in the upcoming months. If you wish to stay up to date on the PRecycling project’s developments, visit regularly our website or contact us.

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