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The PRecycling project in the spotlight at the INNOTRANSFER Event

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The INNOFTRANSFER event, which took place on  October, 23rd 2023 at the Technological Institute for children’s products and leisure (AIJU), was organized  with the aim of connecting knowledge, technology and business at the Valencian Community. This is a multi-sectorial initiative of open innovation supported by the Network of Valencian Science Parks. It’s primary aim is to boost innovation within key strategic sectors of this scope, offering to support the challenges faced by the productive sector.


During the event, AIJU has displayed information regarding its strategic lines and related projects. Among them, the PRecycling project had a significant role, drawing the participants interest in the way the industry’s approach to the implementation of biomaterials or recyclates. Within the discussion, it became evident that the use of recycled materials, as far as safety and availability are ensured, have a promising future.


As the main objective of the PRecycling project is to ensure the quality of recyclates with homogeneous characteristics, being traceable and duly quantified for their reuse in particular in the toy sector, most participants have shown positive inclination towards the PRecycling and its achievements, as well as expected results.  The Precycling banner was presented at the event and flyers have been accordingly distributed.

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