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Educational Workshops for Young Students in the Region of Attica

toy confernece.PNG

During July 2023, young students from the Region of Attica (Greece) were provided with an opportunity to familiar themselves with the PRecycling project, its goals and objectives. Specifically, team members of the Region of Attica, a partner on the PRecycling project, conducted visits to ten elementary school summer camps across four municipalities within Attica. Their primary aim was to introduce the PRecycling project and foster awareness concerning the environmental sustainability benefits and advantages of plastic recycling.


During each workshop, students actively engaged in various educational activities and were encouraged to participate in the recycling of old plastic toys by utilizing specially designated recycling receptacles strategically placed on-site as part of the project's infrastructure. Furthermore, the students have experienced a live demonstration showcasing the process of 3D printing toys using recycled materials. As an outcome, 3D-printed miniature ships were produced and distributed to the young participants.


In total, more than 580 students took part in these workshops, resulting in the collection of more than 250 kilograms of discarded toys. This experience was well-received by all workshops’ participants and has provided invaluable insights for shaping any future engagement activities. 

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