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Synergy between PRecycling and Primus projects: cooperating towards the circularity in the plastics sector

Together with PRecycling project, Primus Project (Reforming secondary plastics to become the primary raw material choice for added-value products) as well was funded by the European Commission under the topic HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-10 (RIA) - Paving the way to an increased share of recycled plastics in added value products.


Both Projects have complementary objectives and are conducting research in the same scientific area. In this regard, the two Projects have decided to keep in contact and informed each other on a regular basis regarding the developments and outcomes for maximizing impact, leveraging synergies as well as promoting collaboration among participants.


The first communication was established and it will be continued in the future by means of regular meetings/emails. Additionally, the aim is to co-organise events/workshops and also to cross-participate in each other's Project meetings/workshops. It is expected that in the future the Projects' participants will identify more ways to participate and support each other.  

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