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Precycling project represented during the Bio!Toy conference

The PRecycling project participated in the Bio!Toy conference, which took place in Nuremberg (Germany) on 21 and 22 March 2023. The focus of the event was placed on the undisputable need to boost the development of sustainable industries within the toys sector. The main drivers of the event have been recyclability, the use of recycled/renewable raw materials as well as CO2 emissions reductions.

“Plastic is by far the most commonly used material for toys. However, the widespread criticism of plastics has not left the industry unscathed” as outlined by the Bio!Toy’s organisers.

The applications within the toys industry represent one of the main priorities of the PRecycling project, in the context of its overall goal to boost the production of high-quality recyclates from plastic waste streams also for home appliances and textile. Against this background, the project took part in the event, through the representation of the partner AIJU, the Research Institute for children’s products, promoting innovation and knowledge for companies and organisations.

Among others, the project was displayed with its own stand, where the AIJU’s representatives could outline to the public the project’s sustainable objectives and the progress achieved after one year since the PRecycling mission was kickstarted. Additionally, the project was also presented during the opening talk of the event, thus further underlying the central role played by the PRecycling project towards the achievement of full sustainability within the toys sector.

Dr. Ana Ibanyez, Phd technical specialist at AIJU, highlighted the pivotal goal pursued by the PRecycling mission, aimed at fostering research actions on recyclates within the toys sector. An increased number of investments in innovation would allow the industry to meet the strict standards and life-cycle assessments (LCAs) and consequently foster the consumers’ acceptance by increasing their confidence in toys containing recycled materials.

The first step to allow this transition process towards a strengthened innovation will indisputably be the creation of infrastructures for the collection of used toys.

From a toy discarded to a toy “restarted”!

Visit regularly the PRecycling website to stay updated about the project’s developments and find out more about the partners’ diverse contributions towards the achievement of the ultimate circularity in the home appliances, toys, and textile sectors.

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