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AIJU Bolsters Citizen Engagement in PRecycling's Contribution to Circular Economy Practices

As a partner in the PRecycling project, the Technological Institute for Children's Products and Leisure (AIJU) has created a video aimed at raising awareness among the general public and related businesses regarding their valuable contributions to the Circular Economy (CE) within Europe.


The primary goal of the PRecycling project is to ensure the quality of recyclates, making them safe for use in the toy, home appliance, and textile industries. A methodology used to obtain and reuse safe, traceable, and readily available recyclates from these sectors, along with the potential applicability of the PRecycling findings to other industries, will significantly support the transition to a more sustainable economy by reducing reliance on a non-renewable resources.


The PRecycling primary goal aligns with an initiative of the European Commission (EC) presented in the EU strategy for Circular Economy, titled "Towards a Circular Economy: Zero Waste Programme for Europe COM (2014) ", and the updated Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP 2020). These strategies have set a broader and more ambitious scope for the EC Circular Economy policies, showcasing a deeper commitment by the EU institutions to foster the CE adoption.


Among the objectives, the European Union has recognized the importance of increasing the use of recycled materials over virgin materials and reducing plastic waste with the aim to become the first continent with effective Circular Economy models. Consequently, public involvement and engagement play a crucial role.

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